Regarding Graphichs Library development

I am working in Visual C++ using the library OpenGL.

I got a job to develop OpenGL ES and other graphics library for mobile handsets

I have some question–

  1. What are the areas where OpenGL ES is used. Which one is better… OpenGL or OpenGL ES.

  2. Which work is more interesting out of the two–

    A) Developing programs using the help of an graphics library(say OpenGL)

    B) Developing the Graphics library itself(Such as OpenGL ES)

  3. Whats is the future scope of OpenGL ES.

  4. What are the companies working in OpenGL ES.

  5. What is the future scope of the 3D applications on Mobile handsets.

Will appreciate for the replies from senior members.

Thanks alot for reading and thanks in advance for your replies.

Warm Regards

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