Regarding Collada Animation

Am using Collada dom 1.4.I want to know will dom 1.4 supports collada animation.

void Collada_Parser::ReadAnimationLibrary(domLibrary_animationsRef	lib)
	for ( unsigned int i = 0; i < lib->getAnimation_array().getCount(); i++)
		ReadAnimation( lib->getAnimation_array()[i] ); 

  domSource_Array &source_array = animation->getSource_array();
  for (unsigned int i=0; i<source_array.getCount(); i++)	

In the above source i could get the animation array count but am not able to retrive any information like channel,sampler,source even though am having some data in channel… so is am doing any thing wrong.Can any one guide me regarding this.


Thanks guys ,
I have fixed the problem.

problem faced:
a) After extracting the information of animation array from the animation library
I couldnt get in information abt the sampler, channel,source.But i havent checked nested animation array inside the animation


  1. I extracted the information of animation array from the animation library
  2. Recursively calling the nested animation.So now i could able to iterate into each animation ref to access required information.