Regain control after glutMainLoop() ?

Thanks to the people who helped me before.
I have one more question on console IO with OpenGL. I set up my program to read some data from the console (Dos window) and draw the picture based on this data.

How do I regain control of my program after I call glutMainLoop? (So I can get more input from the user? Can I display my picture without using this “infinite?” loop.

I want to go back and forth from the picture to the console (take input, draw/ take input/draw…and so on)

Can someone help me? Thanks again.



Sorry to say it, but you can’t exit the mainloop to obtain more data.

One idea with GLUT is to get away from all platforspecific code for windows/input, and make a common API for all platforms.

However, you can make your own input routine with glutKeyboardFunc().


There is a function that you could use, but it is surely not what you expected. It is the onexit() function (or maybe _onexit() or _atexit() ). When you escape the program (and so you escape the glutMainLoop() ) with exit(), this function is called so you can put some code before the program exits. The definition is _onexit(function) where function is the function that will be called before exiting.
This is not a good way, but it’s the only i know now.