Reg:omxVCM4P2_TransRecBlockCoef_intra block

Hi all,
In the function omxVCM4P2_TransRecBlockCoef_intra() ,it is said that pSrc is a pointer to the pixels of current intra block.The function requires us to quantize the DCT coefficients.omxVCM4P2_QuantIntra_I( ) function expects OMX_S16 source pointer.So, Is pSrc a const uint8 pointer or a const uint16 pointer?


Hi Preethi,

It appears that this function actually does the DCT (transform) before doing the reconstruct (as the TransRec name implies).

So I think that pSrc definitely should be an OMX_U8 as described, but that possibly the description of the function’s operation should be clearer.

I’ve submitted a bug request for this function’s description to be improved, but unfortunately we’ve just missed the v1.0.2 which is being released this week. Hopefully it will be fixed in future versions or errata notes.

p.s. apologies for the delay in replying to this - I haven’t been following the forums up until now.

Regards, Hedley