Refresh rate

Hi all,

Does anyone know how to change the refresh rate for OpenGL programs? When I run them it always defualts to 60Hz even tho my desktop is set to 100Hz.
60Hz hurts my eyes


where did you get your pc

I built it up myself, whats that got to do with it?

Try hacking into the system programs, but you have to know how. If you don’t them get C++'s Hackers For Dumbies (helped me a lot).

or just get a new monitor. That might fix your problem but i’m not sure Sry i couldn’t help u more. I just know that much about this.

Oh. If you buy your pc from major places they have fixes for these things. An example is Alienware who offers a piece of powerful software that would handle your problem. But you have to buy the pc from a place that offers that kind of a program.