Reference docs on Wiki

Over the last month or so, I’ve pulled the OpenGL 4.2 (core) reference documentation from the SVN repo onto the OpenGL wiki. All of the pages are prefixed with “GLAPI/”.

The main point of this is to avoid the round-trip between “someone spotting an error” and whomever is responsible for the docs “correcting the error, checking into SVN, and updating the website”.

Missing from this is obviously any functionality that was removed from OpenGL. So if someone is inclined to augment the APIs with this information, be my guest. All I ask is that you ensure that it’s in its own section that is clearly demarcated from the rest, so that we can cleanly see where core ends and compatibility begins.

I have an automated tool that can produce MediaWiki-compatible files directly from the SVN DocBook sources. So I can run the same process on the 2.1 documentation, which would provide pages for those APIs too. We’ve been informed that the 2.1 man pages will no longer be seeing updates, so this would be a good way to preserve the information and keep it up to date.

Though much of the process is automatic, the equations can’t be ported directly (I don’t have a MathML to TeX converter). So, there would still be quite a bit of manual labor involved. Labor I was willing to do for 4.2 core, but I’m really unwilling to do for the 2.1 stuff.

So if someone wants to see 2.1 on the Wiki, let me know and I’ll do the automated generation part and upload the pages. But you’ll have to do the manual equation adding part yourself.