Redhat 7.3 server questions

as a newbie, i installed redhat linux on a dell dimension xps d233 (converted to 500 celeron processor). However, I installed the monitor and the gnome gui desktop because I had no idea of commands.

Currently, the machine is a samba server for 2 windows nt machines, 1 windows xp, 1 windows 98 and 1 mac os x. I also have a photo printer connected to redhat computer and all computers are able to print photos from it.

I would like to get rid of monitor, keyboard and mouse if possible and just have the box and printer. Is there a procedure to do this or do i just shut down and disconnect previous mentioned items and then turn server back on?

Also, is there a simple way to connect from windows xp to linux and be able to control it thru gnome?


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