Redhat 7.0 XMapWindow

I have a simple program which should just open a window and display a wireSphere. I have newly installed RH 7.0 on a Dell Inspiron 8000 laptop - which as the ATI Mobiliy M4 video chip.

Everything seems to run fine until the program gets to:
XMapWindow(dpy, win);
and here it just hangs. Is there some further configuration I need to do?


Not sure what the problem is but to answer your question about whether it is a configuration problem or a programming bug then I’d suggest to download the NeHe tutorial 13 code

and compile this.

The reason I say this is because I have a freshly installed RH7 and it works fine on mine (I have an ATI RAGE 128 card at work and a VOODOO 3 2000 at home and it works on both). Then you’ll know if it is a configuration error or not.

Download the code labelled:

DOWNLOAD Linux/GLX Code For This Lesson. ( Conversion by Mihael Vrbanec )

Which you will find at the bottom of the page (no real need to read the tutorial, unless you want to :-).

You will need to edit the line glutInitDisplayMode (somewhere around line 233) and delete the GLUT_ALPHA option because this doesn’t work.

The makefile works for me - just type make lesson13 and it should work.

Hope this is what you were after.


thanks for pointing me to those tuturials - they appear to be working fine!