REDBOOK & BLUEBOOK translation


I’m a Delphi-Programmer.
I want to start using OpenGL.
I know that the REDBOOK + BLUEBOOK
is everything you have to know about OpenGL.
But the code is (of course) written in C++
in both BOOKS.
Is there a translation of the BOOKS for Delphi?

Can you code with OpenGL using C?
John Carmack does it, is it right?

I don’t know about Delphi translations, but I would think that you could understand enough about how the C++ examples work to translate them into Delphi.

There is nothing with OpenGL that would keep you from using C. Actually, I think most of the examples in the Red book ARE in C. I don’t remember seeing any C++ specific stuff in any of them, but I could be wrong. C++ is commonly used for OpenGL becuase a lot of times it’s easier to program the kind of things OpenGL is used for by using an object-oriented design.

There’s actually a book about delphi and opengl I found. It sometimes leaves you with even more questions but it does get you up and running (for which I’m eternally gratefull).

The book is “Delphi Developers Guide to Opengl” by Jon Jacobs (1999). Its published by Wordware ( I must have got the phone nbr off the web site but don’t remember.