Redbook 8 sample code

hello everyone. i have not done much OpenGL. I bought the OpenGL programming guide 8 “the red book” to learn the new shader based pipeline. it seems really nice but the book says you can get the examples and the c++ classes at but the website is still down with no samples. does anyone know whats going on with the website or if there is another place you can get the examples? i can probably figure it out but i would like to see the “official” way they set there classes up and do examples in the book.

Ditto - dying to try out some code

Have you found anything? I haven’t looked much into it yet, but I think I’m kind of stuck without the needed headers which is not provided yet. Maybe it is possible to re-write them, but as I said I haven’t really looked into it yet.

it looks like there is some good news!

the red book 8 web page has been updated with a link to ‘most’ of the c++ 4.3 sample code. i have not had time to test anything or figure out what is missing but this is good new regardless for people using the red book 8. hopefully we will see the complete sample code in the near future.