Red Hat and Suse and Debian, Oh My!

I would like to develop my OGL applications for Linux as well as Windows. I was just wondering which form of Linux was best for development? Also, which windowing system (KDE or Gnome) would be best?

It is totally a matter of personal preference. I happen to use SuSe and KDE, but I’ve used several other distros and I did the GUI in Gtk (from Gnome). It makes almost no difference which you choose, as long as you make sure that you don’t use any proprietary functions (i.e. - when I wrote in Gtk, I had to avoid using the additional Gnome widgets, since they won’t work in KDE).

Hi !

GTK works on both Linux and Windows (even though it’s still beta I think.

KDE do not work with Windows, but if use Qt (the GUI library that is used by KDE) then you can use it on Windows to, but read the license for the Windows version of Qt first (there are some restrictions in it).

Other alternatives are Fltk and FOX, both are smaller and simpler then GTK/KDE but still very nice, FOX has a very nice look and is very fast.


Or you can use GLUT too …

The simplest utility for create greats and fully portables OpenGL applications with a very small number of code lines

How many lines for only create a window that display a rotating cube that you can control with the mouse with KDE ? with Gnome ? Or with “what you want but that is included on a widget” ?


If we speak about simplicity, features AND speed, I would rather go for SDL.
Also supports 2D, OpenGL, sound, inputs…

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