red book

what is the red book?

but im broke, is there a copy on the net?

Originally posted by Andrea Rossini:
what is the red book?

If you need it,so you can download it from

It wont allow me to log in

I got this off the post “where can I get SuperBible book online … free”

Scroll down and it will give the option of downloading it.

The Red Book is another name for “OpenGL Programming Guide, The Official Guide To Learning OpenGL”.

You can get the second edition (1.1, 1997) in PDF format here (8 MB):

Most other “RedBooks” that you will find on the net are copies of the first edition, which is not quite up to date (the first edition is for OpenGL 1.0 I think).

Btw, is this copy legal? I believe the latest edtition is the third edition (it costs about $100 in Swedish stores, so it’s not really an option to buy it for private use I think).

PS. Look up C and C++ in the Glossary of the Red Book

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lol thx