Red Book Online

I know that the red book is available online at here but does anybody have the red book offline (in a zip file or so), so i can read the red book online offline… (so not the actual book)


Get WebSnake, WebWhacker or something else to download the complete website.

I have it myself! I got it in a zip of the 'net somewhere… but recently they changed the website to use glut (better!). So, I still don’t have those (yet). Therefore, it is of no use. If you still want them (the aux redbook .zip file) e-mail me… and when I get back to campus, I’ll put it on the web.

I tried to down it with WebWhacker but it doesn’t work. I also tried WebZip and nothing too!
Any other suggestions?

I have the redbook in PDF format, it´s about 8 M… But I can´t remember where I downloaded it. There is another link, that have the red book in .pdf .ps format, but split in chapters:

Thank Mitchell !!!