Red-Blue stereo picture

How can i make red-blue stereo picture ( two same picture rotated on some degrees in different side, you can look left eye through red glass and right through blue glass and see two different picture)

PS sorry for my english

Quick hack off the top of my head: (i carry all my hacks, there, you know. Keeps me dry when standing in the rain)

  • describe your colour in grey scale
  • clear the buffers, and disable all but the red colour channel
  • set up the left camera (move the camera off centre and alisgn the optical axis to get the DOF effect you want) and render the view
  • clear the depth buffer, but don’t clear the colour buffer, and disable all but the blue colour channel
  • set up the right camera and re-render the scene


Michael Husak has a stereo page which includes code for red-blue at: