Red and Orange book in Oz

Does anyone know where I can get the current red and orange book in Australia. I’ve tried asking the local book stores and while they can get older versions of the redbook, they cannot get the current red book, nor the orange book from their distributers.

Please, no amazon links, I’ve been burnt by amazon before in the exchange rates.

I got the OpenGL Superbible from

Im my opinion its a lot better than the red and orange books.

The opengl superbible is close to useless, in my opinion, and is far inferior to the Red Book.

I have a strong aversion to programming books that like to teach by annotating listings. That is how a lot of graphics techniques seemed to be presented (the oft quoted NeHe’s site, for instance), but I think it is a poor substitute for actually explaining ideas.

The book is composed largely of poorly formatted useless examples. That may, of course, be suitable to some people’s style of learning, but I find it irritating.

(I don’t own the book and thus haven’t read it; but I know someone who has it and base my judgement solely on flicking through it and shakikng my head sadly)

that’s just my 2c worth. Again, I say that I find the style of presentation exceptionally irritating, BUT you, the potential reader, may not. If you like NeHe’s style of annotating code to explain a point rather than just explaining the point, then it’s probably going to be a winner.