Reconstruction of 3D Scene from photographies

Hi to everybody

I’m a student in computer science at the University of Dakar. I’m working on a topic labelled as Reconstruction of 3D Scene from photographies .
It means that I’ve to build a software that would enable users to reconstruct a 3D Scene from some photograhies of the same scene taken from many points. The software is to be developped in JAVA. And I can’t tell where to start and what to do.

Can anyone out there help me with some ideas, documents, urls or algorithms.

I’m impatiently waiting for your reply

Start with computer vision journals like NIPS, CVPR, ICCV. The solution depends on whether you want to reconstruct geometry (as in “Complete Dense Stereovision using LEvel Set Methods” by Faugeras and Keriven), or just reconstruct a view from some novel viewpoint (lumigraph rendering).

I presently studying in “Imagerie et Médias numériques” at Sherbrooke University, Quebec. The rebuilding in three dimensions is a subject which we study.
One of the possible solutions is to use the stereovision. With a pair of stereoscopic images, we can extract the disparity which is in direct relationship with the depth of each point.