Recommendations on Linux Open GL Development System

Anybody have a good source for recommendations putting together a system? I’m thinking of starting with a high end processor and using the integrated GPU, later upgrading to one or two graphics cards later. I’m assuming Ubuntu, but have no particular attachments other than I enjoy working in a Unix-like environment rather than windows, and I want to upgrade from an old Mac laptop. Apple doesn’t seem to be aggressively supporting GL anymore…



Do you already have significant GL development experience?

If not, I’d recommend you start with a discrete NVidia or AMD GPU card first (even a small, cheap one that is several generations old to save money). You won’t be as likely to hit problems with the GL implementation. Then later perhaps transition to trying out the integrated GPU (Intel or AMD, depending on your CPU).

If you plan to install 1 or 2 high-end GPUs at some point, look at high-end gaming motherboards from Gigabyte or Asus which support PCIe 3.x, have multiple 2+ PCIe 3.x x16 slots, and support the high-end CPU(s) you’re targeting. You’ll want to pair that with a power supply that’s beefy enough to drive two high wattage GPUs, your CPU/fans, motherboard, and other peripherals. See some of the on-line power supply calculator tools for details there. Have fun picking out your hardware!

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