recommendation of OpenGL books


Can someone recommend a book or two (in addition to the Red Book that can be downloaded) best for an OpenGL new beginner? Your advise is much appreciated.

Sorry to post such a question here. Hope nobody is offended.


You don’t need any books, actually. I learned GL by looking at Nehe tutorials and reading the specifications. What would be more usefull is a book on 3d algorithms in general. I own Eric Lengyel’s “Matehmatics for 3d game programming” and it really helped me a lot (although it only gives a basic overview) - it is OpenGL centered too.
I recommedn that you stick to Red Book and Nehe tutorials first and then learn how to use shaders (are they covered in the red book actually?).

Hope it helps.

Everything is here :

Starting with some tutorials then reading the specs is the best way to learn.

Otherwise, sometimes a good book is needed for a paradigm change, I highly recommend :
OpenGL Shading Language (Second Edition).
It is more advanced, on the GLSL shaders (vertex+pixel).

Very interesting, nice examples, but you need to already know basic stuff such as textures, vertices, transformation matrices…

“OpenGL Distilled” by Paul Martz is good.

I use OpenGL SuperBible but have not really used other books to compare. It does come with lots of code examples including code for Windows, Linux and MacOS. It seems to cover a great deal of material