recomendation about book to lern with

Hi,everyone!I am so happy i found you! I have just begun with openGl programing and i found myself going lost.Please,could somebody to recomendate about a book which will be write in good readable English,will not be too deep with mathimatics details, but will be deep enough to understand what’s going on .

Try the Red book (info posted just below), very nice book for openGL. I would be very lost without it! Not much with the math stuff.

Or Try the OpenGL Superbible it’s also a nice Bool for OpenGL Coding. You also should read Computer Graphics Practice and Principles it’s one of the Best Book’s about Computer Graphics.

I don’t know, I found the Superbible to be extremely disappointing. You should make it an exercise to read the glspec (PDF here ) and understand it. You can safely skip over the maths heavy sections but this document alone contains everything there is to know about base OpenGL (ie excluding extensions).

The OpenGL redbook is online ( ). You can also check out some tutorials like those in nehe’s website ( ).