Realtime Video Codec

Hi there,

I want to do realtime video capturing of OpenGL renderings. Does anybody know some good, stable (commerical) video codecs to do that?
Thanks a lot!

Did you try FRAPS and CamStudio ?

camstudio even seem to have a good lossless codec.

I tried CamStudio, but it only results in a completely black video for me. Any other ideas?

With which codec ?
And what about FRAPS ?
Do you want to capture fullscreen or windowed opengl ?
What is you OS version ? composited desktops such as Vista Aero or Gnome Compiz are typically hard to grab from external applications.

I used the camstudio codec (fourcc: CSCD).
Actually I am writing a video screen capturing module for a Windows Forms Application (Windows 7) that consists of several OpenGL Panels. The Application runs always fullscreen, so I want to capture the whole screen.
I also tired ffdshow wich works, but eventually crashes because its not specialized for realtime screen grabbing i guess.
I am looking for alternative codecs I can try out and see wich works best for me.

Libavcodec is really impressionnant and work easily in real time.

Search about ffmpeg on the net and you can find a lot of tutorials about this.

I have begin tomorow to work about an integration of this API for handle video texture support on opengl
=> I can give you certainly more infos about that in some days