Realtime bouncing, undepending on angles.

Hi guys,

I have a small problem. But i cant figure it out.

What i want to create is a ball moving around a world, (Like just a room)

And i want it to bounce correct on all

I have the ball’s possition and direction, and offcourse the Normal of the triangle the Ball collided with.

How can i invert/change the Ball’s Direction? Is it possible to just muliply it with the plan normal?


You have to calculate the reflection vector.

r = reflection vector
n = plane normal
v = velocity vector

  • = scalar/vector multiplication
    dot = dot product

r = 2 * n * (n dot v) - v

Hey, thanks.

But what is Velocity?
Direction? Direction - possition?


/ D

The velocity vector is the direction in which the ball is moving. A more proper word could have been direction, instead of velocity vector.

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vNormal = [0, 1, 0] Floor
vDirection: [0, -1, -1] // Sphear is moving down/into the screen.

When hiting the floor, i use:

vReflection = vNormal * Dot(vNormal, vDirection) - vDirection;

Then the reflection should be [0, 1, -1] right?
But its [0, 0, 1] any idea why? :slight_smile: What am i doing wrong?

/Thanks again.

See my code again, you forgot to multiply by 2.

Also remember that I can’t guarantee that formula is correct. I came up with it in a minute from a piece of paper and a pencil


Then the reflection just becomes [0, 0, 2]

Ill stop flooding you with dumb questions, and try to get my hand on some source code :slight_smile:

Thanks man

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Ok, tx Ill take look,