Really strange memory leak

I am working on a program which has to start and stop an OpenGL rendering context. This application is a video decoder for a video conference system running on Fedora Core 5/6/7. The issue of the day is that top reports a 10 meg chunk of memory that disappears every time I start and stop the rendering context. I tried using valgrind to find the leak; it doesn’t find any memory leaks anymore… I fixed all that valgrind found except for a few special ones that come from my video driver and I can’t fix. I am using the nvidia proprietary driver version 9746.

Does anybody have any experience with similar situations? Does anybody have any first hand knowledge about what top is giving me? Is top accurate? Is top registering memory as allocated that I have freed?

Thank you for your help.

I “fixed” this issue by not killing the rendering context, but merely unmapping the window in which it was rendering. All I needed to do was get the window to not display, since the intended “window manager” for our application uses a count of windows to establish whether or not to turn on/off the monitors. So this issue is fixed by workaround.

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