Really strange GL errors


During last days we had problems with the linux version of the Shader Designer. Only one thing left to release it, a strange bug that we can’t imagine why is caused for.

These are the diagnostics:

In some linux boxes, no matter the linux distribution or the driver version (with nv cards and the same driver version, in some machines happens, and in the others doesn’t happens) ,when the SD tries to compile the shader, a Runtime error 231 is launched and the app stops its execution.

After many debbuging sesions (tried reverting the app to single threaded) we think that the error is related with the glsl functions. glCreateProgramObjectARB() returns an annoying number: -27254862 or such (just after this line, glGetError doesn’t report any error), and glCompileShaderARB function causes a crash in the app.

We had checked if the context were correctly created and it is. We had checked if the entry points are correctly initialised, and they are. We had checked all that we could, but we are unable to know what is the error or what is causing it.

Any suggestion will be welcomed.