really simple triangle... i think.... :)

First let me state that I know very little about opengl, but I’ve been tasked with interpreting some opengl data. I’m sure this is simple, but I know my limitations…

I’ve got three pieces of data that I’ve pulled into 3 respective arrays:
Vertex - x,y, and z
Normal, x,y and z
and TexCoord, U and V.

I assume, with my limited knowledge of 3d design, each entry in the array makes up a triangle? What I need to know is the function to take those three pieces of information and have gl MAKE me that triangle…

I’m sorry if this doesn’t really make sense! I am NOT the OpenGL guy, but we got into a pinch for developers, and I drew the short straw lol. Let me know if it doesn’t, I’ll try to add anything else I know.

Each entry in the array represents one VERTEX. A triangle always has 3 vertices (three “corners” => therefore it’s a tri-angle).

If you want to simply render a few triangles, it is best to start with immediate mode. There are plenty of tutorials out there, which will get you started pretty fast. Take a look at, try out a few of the first tutorials and you are good to go.

Have fun with it,