Really shiny gold?


I’ve seen some great gold effects done lately where the objects look really metalic and shiny and I’m wondering what the best/fastest way to do it is?

For a really shiny effect (not reflecting anything tho) does it have to be a sphere map or can it be done with glMaterialfv somehow (I’ve tried this but it just looks dull and wrong)?

Any help would be great!


Use a spheremap, it’s quite cheap and works great for shiny stuff.

For better metal effects look up BRDF (bi-directional reflectance distribution function):

Thanks alot guys. I’ll see how I go!

Hmmm… if I want to do a shine on a textured object using sphere mapping, do I need to have multiple textures?

Thanks again.

if its a nvidia/ati card u might wanna look at the nv_normal_map extension its cheaper than a spheremap

Ignore my above post about the multiple texture stuff I didnt have the code in front of me.

All seems to work now.

Thanks for all the help!