Im not to sure what i am asking so i will tell u guys the problem. I have 2 PC’s and a demo that i have writen (1st person going walk abouts in a room). The prob its it runs too damb fast on my new machine with the 3d graphics accelerator and too slow on old machine (spec not an issue).

The frame rate is not the problem frame rate i understand and cant do anything about on the slow machine. what i want to know is if my character is moving at 3mph how do i go about making him look like he is traveling at that speed on both machines or infact all machines.

I will be greatefull for your help.
e-mails, source codes, and URL’s r always helpfull



make your translation (walking) a function of time not a function of frames

Get the time from the beginning of the last frame to the beginning of this frame. That’s the time the character moved. Getting the way should now be trivial.