Real time character animation ( Plz reply)

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Is there is any person who can help me in
understanding the character animation
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There is a two kind of character animations:

  1. Animated mesh
  2. Skeletal animation

In animated mesh all frames are stored as several meshes and app need to blend between two meshes to calculate final mesh for rendering. Animated mesh nowdays becomes obsolete because of power of new GPU.

Skeletal animation use skinning algo. There is a two important parts (mesh and bones). Mesh are usualy in T-pose and bones animation are stored in separate file. Each bone represent one matrix. Each mesh vertex have up to 4 bone indices and same number of weight factors. Sum of all weight factor for one vertex is 1.0.

App need to calculate all bones matrices in some frame and then using bone indices, weight factor, T-pose vertex position and bones matrices in current frame calc new vertex position. Something like:

for (i=0; i < bone_count; i++)
 BoneMatrix[i] = calcBoneMatrix(i, current_frame);

for (vi=0; vi < num_of_vertices; vi++)
 Vec4 newVertex;
 for (j = 0; j<vertex[vi].bone_indices_count; j++)
  newVertex += BoneMatrix[vertex[vi].bone_index[j]] * vertex[vi].bone_weight[j]
 store newVertex in vertexbuffer

render geometry using vertices from vertexbuffer.

I hope it’s a bit clearer…