real time antialiasing

hi, everyone.
i want to implement real time antialiasing.

my first try,
i used multi thread and accumulate buffer.
this looks like good, but antialiasing is affected only idle time.when camera moving or animate object, antialiasing is not affected. like metastream or cult3d(

second try,
i tried GL_POLYGON_SMOOTH, but my hardware(geforce) is not shown good performance not like GL_LINE_SMOOTH. so slow and triangle line is appeared.

if you have a time, check up this site(
this looks like more detail than generic opengl rendering.

if anyone know any other method, help please

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I dont think it’s possible to implement some good antialiasing this way.

And on your geforce both the accumulation buffer and polygon smoothing are done in software. Any way you say you have a geforce, the newest drivers support AA, use that, the other stuff is impossible to do realtime.