Real room drawing


I have a problem how to create a room with walls which has only one color?
For example the ceiling is white, if I map the polygon with a white texture it will be perfect white surface. How to make surface more realistic. I want to a wall in one color but I dont know how to that it’ll looks as a real wall (a little dirty etc.)

Thanks for any help

You said the answer yourself. Use a texture, but not pure white! Maybe add some slightly more yellowish and some lightly grayish color so that it appears to have a texture.

If you aren’t sure how there are plenty of non-copyrighted pictures on the internet. One place to try would be Google. Click on the images tab and search for wall or ceiling or off white or whatever. Then download the image and zoom in to see how varied the pixel colors are. Then you should have some idea how to create an appropriate texture for your needs.