Reading Image Formats For Use As Textures

Ok so this is probably not the place to ask about it, and I know the topic has been covered before but anyway . . .

. . . Anybody know a place where I can get some easy to understand information on accessing/loading *.tga and *.bmp image formats.

I did managed to scrounge a BMP Loader off somebody here - (Thanx - Humus) . . . But it still confuses me

. . . I tried but it read like total giberish. I’m not too good with Bits and Byte and thier manipulation . . . so does anybody know where I can find some easy to understand Loaders to use for reference for my own . . . I would perfer to at least attempt to write my own, I just need a little help you see . . .

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Take a look at my .raw loader - you’ll get the general idea. There’s also the .tga loader. Its inefficient, partly due to its ‘readability’. Just ignore the RLE code and its pretty straight forward.