Reading dotXSI files into OpenGL?

Any tutorials on loading dotXSI files into OepnGL (with texture and animation data)?
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Thank you for the links. They will come in very useful. But there’s still no specific totorial to read a mesh/character with animation created in XSI into OpenGl… :frowning: This would be very handy. I’m still a total newbie to OpenGl and learning to parse dotXSI file and make anything out of it, including the animation still seems like an impossible task…

… in time, and with experience, you will realise that loading a data file in opengl doesn’t make sense.

Ok, what I meant is how can I put dotXSI format, including skinning and animation data, into a data that Opengl will understand and display :slight_smile:

WEll, that is a very high level question, and consequently

  1. won’t have an easy answer (meaning it’ll take a long time to describe the issues to consider)
  2. is very dependent on what you want to do with the data once you have it, and
  3. is really just a matter of “read the opengl specification to see how you describe geometry and read the XSI specifcation to see how geometry is stored”

if you had a more ~specific~ question, then I’m sure you’d get more help. as it is, you may as well haev asked “how do i write a o/s”, or something.

ok, thanks John :slight_smile: