Reading 3DS files

Hi all,
I’d like to read a 3DS file in my C++ application. Sometime ago I used 3DWin, which also wrote on a file all the code needed to create the same model using OpenGL.
Since I can’t reach 3DWin site anymore(it appears to be down), does anyone know some similar program ?

Thanks in advance.

Look at: there is a tutorial with source code for 3DS loading.

Thanks a lot.
Do you know of a tool that writes C/openGL code from a 3ds model ?

goto, register/logon there, go into download section and download a thingy called “3dsfiletoolkit”; in there you will find everything needed to do what you desire…

Check out the tool PolyTrans ( It can import/outport several model formats, including OpenGL C code.

However, I would recommend making a loader that can load external models. This will cut down on the size of your executable, and you can pick and choose which models are loaded at a given time (rather than having every model in memory at every time).

Thanks a lot, guys!