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One of these days when i was programming and losing, as a usually do, a lot of hours of my life i cant kept thinking about this tought that suddenfly came to me : I mean, i know computer stuff and informatic world in general is mainly a male world, that has a very small( or none) impact in womens/girls. Well i´m not talking about gaming or just playing with the computer, or something, but as we are in a forum about programming, in a specific matter about OpenGL, i wonder… what do you all think about so few girls/womens are actracted to programming? Do you actually know , for instance, any girls/women of your age that is really interested on programming, maybe
in Opengl programming? I think , spite is a non-OpenGL related matter, is a very interesting thing to discuss…if your brains arent yet all fu***d up by standing to many hours in front of a computer

Well I think you are not the only one to have
noticed the lack of interrest of girls in
programming .
But continue hoping ! One day girls shall
understand their mistake and plenty of them
shall come to programming and you shall not
believe your eyes ! I predict that !


we have a fair number of girls in first year… but they all drop out by second year. =(


there was an interesting article about chick programmers in a demo scene related article some time back. By no means are grrrls on a even count with male programmers but they are out there and numbers are getting bigger all the time.

Hopefully the number of women in this field will continue to grow in spite of comments such as ‘chick programmers’.

Interesting topic…

Well I am one of those few and far between “chick programmers” as you say it… Actually in my program there are 4 girls out of 33 programmers in the class (note that the four of us girls are all at or near the top of the class in CS)… this summer I am working in a university graphics research lab that is almost half women.

4 ! :gasp:
I knew female programmers existed, but I’ve never actually seen one. Could you post a picture ? <g>


I don’t know if I’m granted to post this link here. Anyway you’ll find a cute girl, who is obsessed to the demoscene and Amigas. She’s even writing games. For the C64!

mmmh…maybe that is a clue, too (a very sweet, i belive)

Maybe someone, who has some sparetime, does an extensive search on female computer entities. I saw a site once, which listed all chicks who are related to coding. Damn I lost the link.


Hi …
i’m a female programmer … and there are lots more where i came from. and the number is growing … =>

Q.: Whay are there so few women programmers?

A.: Programming is based on something that women struggle to comprehend… logic.

Of the under grads studying comp. science at the university I go too, about 40% are women (in my year/class). It’s much less for the engineers though.

I’ve programmed for engineering firms and for IT departments (i.e. business programming - Java, XML, Oracle,etc.). There is a much higher percentage of women in IT than in engineering, for what that’s worth.

To the original poster: I apologize if you’re new to this country (I can’t tell by your name), but work on your English skills. You’ll go a lot farther in this field – or in any field – if you can communicate clearly.


I have just finished my first year of my computing degree, there is one girl on my course, there were three girls on my a’level course. I think there should be more.

I believe, the reason why I met so few female programmers (in fact: only one), are generally my communication skills and my fear of girls and their secret powers. I’m working in a mediapark in germany. Many companys have settled here, but all the girls are related to graphics and print, but not really to coding. However, I don’t mind to loose hope. I know that they are out there, those cutes, who aren’t attracted to makeup, shopping and party, at all.

I really wish there was a female programmer in my life.

in fact, I haven’t had a sustainable girlfriend, ever, due to the simple fact that they don’t understand what makes me tick.

“What is SO interesting about programming, John? Why do you spend every second you’re not with me on your computer?”

geeze… you’d think the answer would be obvious…

Is it so hard for women to program? what is it, in their general personality, that does not normally produce the programmer mentality?

An Naoscaire: ouch! logic has little to do with it. Granted, it is a necessary skill for a programmer, but all the women and young ladies I know are extremely logical, and programming doesn’t appeal to them at all.

Mochi: ah, a breath of fresh air. And thank you for the heads up on that “growing number” thing - I’ll keep my eyes peeled for 'em.

here’s a quick limerick I wrote on the subject:

There once was a young lad from North Bay,
Who’d been yearning to stand up and say:
“Good lord, how I’ve missed
a chick programmer’s kiss
that would send me six ways from sunday.”

Sorry for the long post, but we (us guys, mainly…) really do need some more female programmer’s in the field. yarrr.

sorry to dump on you guys.

i must confess i’ve never seen a female programmer in RL, i’m quite disappointed about this fact
at least mochi’s post gives me a little hope, i’ll keep searching (;

at my university (which is btw the most famous in computer science in my country) even in the first year there weren’t that many girls and the numbers drop quite rapidly in the higher courses… ):

there really seems to be some difference in the ‘nature’ of male and females, which make these “boy’s things”, like programming, less … yeah … appealing to girls

your limerick reminds me of one i like:
there once was a young lady of wight,
who travelled much faster than light.
she departed one day
in a relative way
an arrived in the previous night.

but that’s even more OT in this OT-topic (;

There were quite a few girl undergrads when I studied (finished BSc 6 years ago), and there continue to be a lot of them these days. And contrary to popular belief, many of them are really good looking.

But for some reason, I found that in the workplaces, the men outnumber the women by a lot. So where do all those cute programmers go?



hi !
you’ve just made a mistake : there are a few number of female programmers + one : me !

big kisses for all males programmers