Re: To everyone with NVidia/Windows 2000 problems

I used to have problem with OpenGL not running under W2K with my Nvidia TNT2 card, but installing the detonator3 drivers for NT4 on W2K actually made OpenGL work!
This has worked for some other people, but on other cards using the w2k-530 pack of nvidia drivers solved the problem.

I’m not sure why older drivers solve the problem though… scratches head but NVidia should really get around to fixing their driver packs… :stuck_out_tongue:

After a bit of digging around over at for some documentation on the problem (yeah, you’re not the only one with this problem) I found the MS info page for the bug:

Hope some of this helps… :slight_smile:

I have a TNT2 ULTRA with the latest detonator (6.31) and it works fine.
Try to reduce the AGP aperture size to 32MB in your bios (otherwise it caused random crashes on my computer).
Now my system is rock steady