Re-render for One object changing?


If I have a scene composed of multiple objects, say a table top and a glass on the table, is it necessary to re-render the entire scene if I just want to change the color of the glass, from say blue to tan?

Redraw the glass, it’ll work. If the glass is transparent then redraw everything visible through the glass, then the glass.

Make sure you draw to the frontbuffer.

The visible area seen through transparent object need cleared z-buffer or some other kind of depth sorting then ! Othervise it will be culled by the transparent object z-buffer values

The better solution is to not write transparent objects to the depth buffer, just depth test them. You never want transparency to occlude stuff anyway, when that happens you’re seeing something wrong.

As usual transparent stuff should always be drawn last in a depth buffered scene, and prefferably depth sorted.

Excellent advise by all; I’ll give it a try!

Thanks to all.


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