Re install 98 No more games

O.K. I don’t know if anyone can help me but I have run out of troubleshooting options and am about to put an axe through my computer.(bear with me this is a OpenGL/video hardware question)
I installed a USB device that created an extreamly unstable windows environment I kept getting 0E Fatal exception blue screens. I ended up having to scrap that installation, formating the drive and starting over again. Well now I’ve got the computer up and running again BUT every time I start a game that changes the resolution of my screen(meaning damn near every game made) the computer hangs when it trys to switch the screen. i.e. click on the shortcut to start the game: screen goes blank: game trys to switch video modes: Screen goes blank and stays that way. I have the newist graphic drivers, my windows98SE is up to date, I don’t have any conflicts in the device manager, I have tried lowering and raising the resolution, tried raising and lowering the preformance slider, ect…
oh, and by the way my video card is a voodoo4500 using the normal drivers and I have tried the beta.

I feel like I have been looking in the wrong places, anybody got anny better ideas?

any help will be MUCH APP.

It could be your monitor drivers, especially if this was a pre-built, store-bought system.
Try installining new monitor drivers(not the ones windows automatically installed) and see what happens.