RC's in MDI application

Hello there,

Most of my OpenGL programs before have been either fullscreen or sdi applications but now i want to make MDI app. Much like a CAD/3ds MAX program.
The problem know is that every window has it’s own Rendering Context and when i create some textures in a specific RC i can not use those textures in another window because it uses another RC. I’ve taken this approach because that all i’ve seen so far in sample code but it seems like a big waste of memory to stuff al those textures in each RC over and over again.
Aint’t it a better way to just create one RC and let all the windows share this RC.

Hope you can share your experiences with me.



The approach I use is to have one RC per CDocument and then one DC per CView. Using this, your display lists and textures are automatically shared for all views on the same document. Moreover, you avoid wasting memory !



Thanks Eric,

I’m gonna take the same approach as you took.