Ray-tracing (very interesting)

Please, help me understand, how to detect: lies the point in triangle or not? I know, that this algorithm called as “barycentric” (“barycentric intersection”). As answer, give me a very small example please (more precisely, part of this example, when we detecting the point position) and just small math information.

If this topic had never been in this forum, I think it would be interesting.

Please, don`t give me a useless answers or references.

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BTW: This question is not interesting.


What do you mean by give me an example? There are many examples that do intersection tests. Download some 3D games like Quake.

If you need code, then try the magicsoftware web site. They have a huge library adn examples using them.

PS: your question is not about raytracing


The point is in the polygon plane?
Then, if the point is behind all edge planes (or in front depending how you turn the normals) then it’s in the polygon. The edge planes are easy to calculate with two vertices and the polygon normal.

You might find the first article here useful.

I think this is more his level.

Originally posted by Aaron:
I think this is more his level.

Woah ! That toon shader is impressive ! Where can I get the CG source code?