ray casting inside structure

im building a 3D model from 3D data sets IN OPENGL and think the best way to do this is to use a voxel structure and perform ray casting with the plane inside the structure. would this be the best approach? would i need to rotate the plane often if i wish to actually represent the 3D data? any help would be appreciated! the plane im talking about is the casting plane. my voxel structure is an octree method hopefully being able to implement a 256x256x256 cube. im using GLUI for my user interface and have a rotation panel. so the normal orthographic projection would be rendered invisible once i reach 90 degrees too the viewing plane. would i therefore need to use the same method again with the plane at 90 degrees to its original orientation? last post was locked because i didnt tell people it was in OpenGL…my apologies but neither are a majority of posts here. im writing in C++ implementing VisualC++ to write it. i hope this warrants my post being left alone.
thanks in advance

Can you define “3D data sets”. What do the sets contain?
If you have a set of 3d points and you are trying to built a 3d shape of some sort, then you have to have a means of generating polygons from these points.
Search for some papers on the topic. I think it’s called polygonization.

>>>last post was locked because i didnt tell people it was in OpenGL<<<

It doesn’t matter if you are using GL. How will you involve GL in the process of ray casting?

You might as well have a polygonization algorithm running on your 3D points, then write the result to a file.

Your question seems to be an algorithm/math question and there is a math forum here at opengl.org

>>>my apologies but neither are a majority of posts here.<<<

Not the majority.