Raven Shield

Is there any way to get a game that runs in D3D to run in OpenGL.

That’s a lot like asking “Can I get a Windows game to run on a Macintosh?”

The answer is probably, but not very well.

If it’s running really slowly, you might consider a computer upgrade or finding a different game. Any emulator is going to make the game run EVEN MORE SLOWLY.

OpenGL and D3D are programmer interfaces. Think of them as a convienient way for programmers to talk to the hardware. It wouldn’t make sense to use the 2 together, you only need one to communicate with the harware effectively.

Why would you want to do this?

Some apps may try to support both D3D and OGL interfaces, but only one at a time. I’m thinking of Descent3 which offered both on Windows, though only D3D seemed to work well, while OGL on their Mac version was only choice and ran well with ATI and NVidia accelerators.

Maybe you’re thinking of SciTech’s GLDirect driver which runs Windows OGL games using the graphics board’s D3D drivers. Although that kind of GL-to-D3D translation seems like it would slow things down, they’ve optimized it so Quake-engine games run pretty decently. Their new version is supposed to be using the DX9 vertex shader pipeline, but I don’t have a Radeon board to test it.