Random fragged exportation

Hello all.

I currently have a pipeline that I use from Presagis Creator to Maya 2009 and then back again, however randomly the dae files that I export from Maya to Creator don’t work. What I mean is Creator won’t tell me anything when I try to import them, and Maya just plain crashes.

This happens consistently with even objects as small as 72 polys.

The crux of the matter is that the bulk of the objects have multiple textures per face, ie, one side of a light pole could have one texture for one side, and another for the other side.

Randomly objects don’t export properly, although looking at the dae file in notepad shows that it seems to be set up properly, I just don’t know what the problem is.

Now, other objects (including a test cube with multiple textures applied) do go through the process properly. It is beyond me why some objects do and don’t work properly.

I have attached a file that doesn’t import properly in both Creator and Maya, perhaps someone can shed some light on this problem as it is driving me crazy!

Perhaps I don’t have my export options set up correctly, either way, I need help.

Thanks in advance for the help!


Hi Hans,

I’ve taken a quick look at your test file and I don’t see multi-texturing of faces in the .dae content. I see a geometry with multiple materials (shading groups).

Hi Marcus, thanks for the reply.

I got it working. The problem was that the location of the textures included a directory with an “&” symbol in it. Upon removing it, everything imports properly.

Good catch.

The ‘&’ characters are URI reserved and must be escaped within xs:anyURI value text. That .dae shouldn’t validate as a result.

What software and version did you use to export that .dae document? It has a bug it it’s URI parsing.

I used the latest version of Collada Nextgen (beta) with Maya 2009.