Random disappearing vertical lines

There is something weird happening when I resize my rendering window (managed by glfw, if it can help…). I have 4 views in this window, rendered in 4 different viewports. Each view is surrounded by a border drawn with a GL_LINE_STRIP. Everything’s fine with the initial size of the window, but when I resize it for full screen for instance, some vertical borders simply disappear randomly. Once they will be displayed, another time not. Does anyone have a clue about it ?

…I tried on another screen, same OS configuration, same code, and no problem this time…

humm if that’s the case, then maybe what you could do is open up the control panel of your graphics card and check the “Display Settings” for the two different screens.

That might give a clue on the different behaviors.

yes indeed, the resolution of the screens is the difference, and that’s an issue since my program must be scalable, from laptops to tiled displays…