Random C++ Compiler errors in openGL projects

Hi, i am hoping that some one here has an answer to my question as it has been bugging me for quite some time now.

when i build and run any project containing openGL about every 2/5 builds i will get a compiler error saying:

Stack Overflow, C++ has triggered a breakpoint or it complains about a security cookie. if i clean the project and rebuild it it will run, well most of the time then if i play the same build again without making any changes these errors appear. Any help would be appreciated. uninstalling c++ is my last resort as i dont know where the disk is.

Thank you in advance.

You should probably ask this question on your compiler specific forum. Or at least, provide more info. What compiler do you use, what do you mean by “project containing openGL”, did it work before etc.

You might check your code for buffer overrun errors which can corrupt the stack. Also when one from those errors happens (especially the security cookie corruption), you can use the debugger to look for potential cause of that.

thank you for your quick responce. i think i have found the problem. it may be related somehow but my pc keeps getting the blue screen of death and the hard disk is overheating so i have a feeling that it may be due to this, :frowning: think its time for a new hdd. hope fully fixing this will fix the problem.

again thank you for your help,


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