Raising the dead...

I guess I’m gonna raise the dead with this question, but wich API is bether,faster,easier,safer and more sexy? Direct 3D, or OpenGL?
Asking this here on the GL board might not require me to wait for awsers, cos I already can expect what yall are going for : )

Mike The Spike

Oh no, not again… I think I have seen this conversation at least 100 times. Never contributed but now I’m making an exception.

Well, names like John Carmack have chosen OpenGL… But we have to remember that DirectX is not only DirectDraw and Direct3D, there’s DirectInput etc. So, if you use OpenGL, you still need to code that stuff by yourself, or use DX.

You can make fast apps with both. The thing is that with OpenGL you get same quality with sw and hw. DirectX was made for gaming only(?)

OpenGL. I have to at least double the amount of code with DirectX to do the same things as with OpenGL. And the interface is sooooo simple, I like it.

Uhm. Safer how?

More sexy?
Well, OpenGL portability rules. Also, you can access the fancy new features of the latest hardware with OpenGL extensions. And besides, MS can’t be sexy



Mike The Spike