Raideon 7200 64meg ddr

i have a raideon 7200 64meg ddr and i like get 5-10 FPS when i play CS in open GL, i’m runnin Windows 2000 and i have no clue why, i d/led the newest drivers and they don’t help a bit. I’m thinkin fo selling the card and getting a Gforce 3 or 4, cause ATI can’t help. If you know the problem please help me


Originally posted by Al543210:

try in your bios…lower the agp aperture size than try again

i have the 7200 64 meg DDR too, and i get the same problem in cs. ive updated everything and still get ass framerates.
my config is:

win2000 advance server (yea i kno its a bad idea)
radeon 7200 64meg DDR VIVO
512 megs of ram
p3 800 mhz cpu

i’m reasonably sure that my motherboard only supports 2x AGP, instead of the 4x suppored by the card. i dont know if that means anything though…
and also, direct 3d does not work AT ALL, someone please help! all the drivers are up to date