Radiosity software needed

Greetings people

I’m looking for a free or relatively cheap radiosity renderer that I can use for the lighting in my openGL models. I’m using MAVERIK, a sort of VR toolkit implemented in C.Basically it’s something like Mesa but with built-in navigation and functions that make manipulation of objects(geometry & surface parametres)easier.

As you can understand I’m not looking for a stand alone application with a GUI and stuff but something which can be incorporated with OpenGL ie in real time navigation of the models.

If anyone can help please let me know


Something like that ?

Thanks for the link, this looks promising, I’m testing it right now

If anyone knows other software similar to this one please drop a line :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I can’t run the thing-get an exception on the viewer program. I’ll try to work round it but if I remember correctly it only performs calculations on triangle meshes and not primitives such as spheres etc. I think I’ll need something that works with such higher lever primitives.

Originally posted by MrGiskard:
I think I’ll need something that works with such higher lever primitives.
Then I would go for another global illumination algorithm. Radiosity is a FEM(finite elements method) algorithm. In most implementations of true radiosity, renderers only support triangles/quadrilaterals. What I mean by this is that high-level primitves like spheres would be tesselated. Raytacing based methods that use irradience caching for in-direct lighting is probably better suited for the primitves you need. Try searching for API’s with photon mapping implementation. For simple models you might get interactive speeds.