Radeon VE and OpenGL

Hi all,

please help me, I bought a new RADEON VE that is perfectly working with Direct3D but when I try to use it in OpneGL mode playing Quake II, Quake III or Heretic (that have, may be, the same graphic engine) the texture is not shown at all, you can only see the gray solids composing the scene of the game.
Even in the main mask you cannot recognize the text, I was able to get into the game just because I remember by heart the positions of the text. Has anyone had the same experience with this card??
P.S. The brand of the card is Mercury that is powered by the ATI Radeon VE. Please help me because I didn’t get even an answer by them…

Try this :

run Hexen from command line :

glhexen -width 1024 -bpp32 -lm_4

-width 1024: set resolution 1024x768
-bpp32 : color depth to 32 bits per pixel
-lm_4 (or lm_04) turn on texturing

This trouble I has on my old good Permedia2…

Thanks for your answer!!

Just a question: the Game I was talking about
is HereticII, do you know, in this case, what will be the first instructions on the command line instead that glhexen?