Radeon 9700 problem with blending on 64bit rgba non-float pbuffers ?

Has anyone managed to get blending running on a Radeon 9700 in a pbuffer with more than the usual 8bit/channel (non-float)? With both 3.2
and 3.4 the pbuffer behaves as if blending was
disabled when I change the pixelformat.


The hardware only supports blending on 32bit (or less) texture formats, which kinda surprised me too when I first hit on this thing. Probably related to some internal bus width or something like that. You can have blending on RG16, but not on RGBA16.

Do you know if that’s the same for NVIDIA
GeForce FX cards?

PS: However, it’s good to know that it’s working for RG16, this will do the job for now for me, thanks!