Radeon 9700 no AA with OpenGL?!

If i play CS and i set antialiasing on, it doesn´t work!
Any 1 got the same problem or a answer for me?!
My System: AMD XP2800+
1024 MB Infineon PC 2700
Radeon 9700
Win 2000 Prof.
Catalyst 3.4

How much memory does your Radeon 9700 have? Turning FSAA on takes up more memory. What exactly does “doesn’t work” mean? Does it run really slow? Does it cause an exception? Does it just have a black screen?

My Radeon have an 128MB Memory.
The Antialiasing don´t work, no matter if i choose 2x, 4x, 8x.
CS runs without any other problems.
Only the AA doesn´t work.

The current Radeon drivers don’t allow OpenGL applications to control antialiasing, so you’ll have to enable it on the driver control panel instead.

Yeah, what he said ^^^^