Radeon 9700 MAJOR problem

System specs:
Athlon XP 1800+
VIA chipset
ATI Radeon 9700 All-in-Wonder
Windows XP, Direct X 9.0b, latest VIA drivers, Catalyst 3.9, etc.

Problem description:

If any program uses OpenGL to render, it will crashe INSTANTLY. It doesn’t give me a message saying OpenGL subsystem is not installed - just crashes.

However, I was able to use the SciSoft crap to run some OpenGl apps - but it’s not fast enough to play recent games decently.

I’m going to try uninstalling and reinstalling catalyst and reinstalling directx 9 (if that’s even possible). Since the last reformat I’ve never seen OpenGl work, ever.

Please help!

Are you using the latest drivers from VIA?

I avoid VIA chipsets like a plague. They are cheap and fast but buggy as hell.